Your Colon–A Parasites Paradise


Here are some of the findings of my month long coffee enema routine.

I’m hoping this blog results in maybe some poo analysts enlightening me & others to what we’re looking at. It would be great to catalog these bad guys.  

I'm Marvella.   Back Pain Survivor.

I’m Marvella.
Back Pain Survivor.

Although most people will react with an icky face, this procedure is very much like fishing in a dark lagoon with a covering of assorted undigested nuts & lettuce (or eggs & some leafy parasites?). Here we’re fishing for underwater monsters with plastic forks.

 I’m going to number my pictures in chronological order in hopes that someone will contribute their insight with a name or explanation on any of these, either here on my blog or in our shared  forum.


#1  Food? Candida? What?


#2 Black Snake? I don’t remember eating one.



#3   Food? Or What?



#4  Lettuce? Or Something else?




#5   Getting Interesting?  Any ideas?


#6  Another beauty.???Getting wormy.


#7  ??






#9  IMG_0750


#10  IMG_0770



#11  IMG_0772


#12  Sure would appreciate some constructive input.


What’s in your Colon?


  1. Hi, did you ever figure out what it was that you were expelling? I’m asking because what I’ve been getting out look pretty similar to yours. If you have found out any info please let me know. Thanks!

    • Hi Chris, I’m in the process of creating a site where we can share our pictures & our thoughts. This is a new frontier with enemas & smart phones & the internet! The name of the site is . I’m still figuring out how to implement it. Can you send me a couple pictures and I can see how I can make this work? Thanks, Marvella

  2. You have whats called Ropeworm… its a newly discovered worm parasite. We see these ALL the time coming out of the autistic kids who are being treated for autism.

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