Colon Crunch 2

These Colon Crunch movements exercise my intestines & colon to get things moving.  They also serve to massage my troubled back & spine. 


I have to start with this.  Now that I’ve seen this video, and my friend, Aubrey’s dog, Poppy, do the same thing, I’m now thinking these movements are Universal! 


My video (to follow) emphasizes the colon, intestines, back. Strong core orientation. I believe these movements help digestion, bowel movements, toxic expulsion, plus massages & strenghtens back.

I’m a dancer. This is how I deal with my pain & toxin removal—all at once!  For me, it’s another avenue to the soul & healing.  Movement is so important.  Why not infuse it with wonderful music?

It may not be readily apparent, but there is a part where I am moving on my fists (like tennis balls, but handier 😎 ) to massage deep my periformis region, which tends to get tight.


colon on my fists


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My Enema–The Musical (Moon Night)

I'm Marvella.   Back Pain Survivor.

I’m Marvella.
Back Pain Survivor.

Basic enema instructions suggest massaging belly in a counter-clockwise direction to get the fluid further into the colon and perhaps dislodge debris & parasites from the walls of the colon.  It is also suggested to elevate the hips somewhat to again get the fluid up into the colon.


What I think I’m doing with these movements is dislodging & moving fluid.  But also, lifting my vibrational level through music.  It turns into an exercise for core muscles, and a back massage. I often stretch & support my neck.  As my aged spine is collapsing, I view this as stimulating blood flow, in general, as well as  encouraging fluid to flow into my spinal disks & hopefully elongating my spine. We lose 2-3 inches of height during a lifetime due to spinal collapse.  Building muscle in the core helps support a compromised spine.

I also believe these varied movements move the small intestine (15-33 feet long) to further dislodge plaque, parasites, worms. il_340x270.395383884_ivva






Here is a video in my tub.  The music is “Moon Night” by

Karen Marie Garrett.


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Enema Inverted


My goal in this series of videos is to introduce more people to the wonders of the healing enema.

shoulder stand Rose 2

No expensive drugs, antibiotics, surgery–just the ancient art of healing through purging of bodily toxins using enemas. All the fake food, pesticides, GMO’s, sugars we are eating are slowly poisoning us.


Garbage in, worms should come out.

(There is a direct connection between your gut and your brain. Are parasites influencing you actions, health, thoughts?)


The normal first reaction is a bad face or covering the eyes and denying that one could have such things in oneself.

very ropey wormy


Ignorance will not lead to bliss in this instance.



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My Enema–The Musical, in Living Room

My formal diagnosis is Fibromyalgia, herniated disks, spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis.  My intuitive diagnosis is Lyme.  I need to move to not hurt.  But then, when I move, it still hurts, but it is more like a massage.  I believe I am disrupting the comfortable abodes of my pet spirochetes & parasites.  Every health practitioner  I’ve read recommends movement.  I was built to respond to music.  Philip Wesley 2

Enemas have opened up another world to me.  The world of worms.  I fish for worms daily.  I had no idea I had these residents inside me until I started regular coffee enemas.  I am not a coffee drinker, but it seems to agree with me when taken this alternative way.


I only have a name for the big ones right now.  Ropeworms.  People are claiming these are the result of our “fake food” diet.  Their appearance seems to have coincided with the processed, pesticide ridden food supply of the past several years. It makes sense that if we don’t have the proper nutrients to support our systems & continue to consume poisons, that we are asking for problems like this.  So many illnesses today are related to a compromised immune system.


One of my pets:  skinny parasite


The following video, one of many, shows movements that can be done to dislodge worms and clean out the colon.

Click below for a “how-to” video: 

 Living Room Demonstration:

Music from “Dark Night of the Soul” by Philip Wesley

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My Enema Protocol

A great way to start the day!

If you missed the advantages of a coffee enema, the link to that is here:

I'm Marvella.   Back Pain Survivor.

I’m Marvella.
Back Pain Survivor.

 Advantages of Coffee Enemas

This is the regimen I have adopted:

I try to start with a normal BM. Next,I lay a bath mat in the tub, add a couple folded yoga mats, cover with old shower curtain, then a big towel; add pillows, set up a clock & try to remember a glass of water to drink, while laying, in case of thirst. Those who don’t have the option of a tub could lay on a mat, towel, blanket on the floor—or on a bed. I’d cover that set-up with an old shower curtain in case of leaks.

I bought a stainless steel pot for ease of use—can hold up to 6 cups so no need to refill. Easier to clean also. But the bags are cheaper.  

This is the one I have. I have it sitting on a 3-shelf utility on wheels. Some tie it over curtain rod. It needs to be elevated 1-3 feet overhead.

enema bucket

Next I turn on some real nice, gentle music and glide to the kitchen. 

I begin with 4 cups distilled water (could be spring or filtered, not reverse osmosis). This I bring to boil in a non-stick pot, add 2 Tablespoons of organic coffee freshly ground. I started with 1 teaspoon because I am not a coffee drinker and wasn’t sure how my system would react, but quickly increased to 2 heaping Tablespoons (some use 3T). I do feel more energetic afterwards, but not nervous/jittery. I boil this mixture on medium heat for 7 min. Next I turn heat on low, cover & simmer for another 13 minutes. Then I turn off stove & let coffee steep for at least 20 minutes.  The coffee makes me feel more energetic afterwards, but not nervous/jittery.

While the coffee is steeping, I put 4 cups of distilled water in another pot, + either 1 Tbls. himalayan salt, epsom salt, or baking soda in a stainless steel pot (not the non-stick) and heat until between 96-104F (36-40C). I use a thermometer, but others just do the finger test—neutral the goal. Some people prepare the coffee the night before & refrigerate to save time in the morning.

I pour this into my enema bucket. Next I wipe insert with paper towel & 70% alcohol. Then I lubricate insert with coconut oil. Best to avoid petroleum products (vaseline).

First thing, I open tube & let a little water flow so no air bubbles in the tube, then close the tube. Very important.

Air bubbles = gas = discomfort & possible fluid ejection

I lay on my right side (aiming for right side of colon. also where liver/gallbladder are, plus the vagus nerve), get comfortable with a neck pillow. This position is one of others. Some lie on left side, some on back, some in doggie position on knees with butt in air.  I prefer right side. Seems like this position gets further into the colon, plus treats gallbladder & liver.  Massage also helps move the fluid further into the colon.

I breathe slowly, relax, breath, insert tube in anus, release the fluid, relax, breath, watch for the first air bubbles to appear in the tube, indicating an end is near.

When bubbles come, I close tube and watch the bubbles float to the top of tube or into can. Then I release for another dosing, watching for the air again. I repeat til no more bubbles and the liquid stops moving toward rectum. I’m now holding this first flush for about 20 min. Some need to build up to this time or use less liquid initially. I close the tube, gently remove the insert, and carefully get out of the tub, sit on toilet and let er rip. Inspect results.  Fish for worms. Flush.  You don’t have to fish. Some people don’t.  I just want to know what’s up.

My tools:  my tools



I have now started hanging the pot overhead about 2-3 feet.  No more air bubbles.  I guess it depends on height regarding bubble generation. Oops! I’m setting it on the utility tray again.  Easier for adding liquids, etc.

Next, I return to the kitchen and my steeping coffee.  I do feel more energetic afterwards, but not nervous/jittery. 

 If you use regular organic coffee, you will want to filter coffee. A medium sized strainer with brown coffee filters (not bleached white ones) within will work. I’ve found stirring & scraping the filter speeds this process. After straining, I add distilled water to measure 4 cups of strained coffee . If not in 96-104F (36-40C) range, either heat some or immerse pot in cold water in the sink. I’m now using SA Wilson’s coffee, which recommends not straining through a coffee filter. So now I’m just running it through a fine meshed strainer. Sooo much faster!

Back in the bathroom to put coffee in the bucket, I release tube until coffee starts to flow. Clamp it. I make myself very comfortable, lay on my right side, insert tube and release the coffee. When liquid in tube in homeostasis mode, I relax. At this point people meditate, read books, listen to music, do yoga, back dance, play video games, whatever.  I have a list of some of the activities others do here.

I may switch to left side after 5 minutes and try to free my mind of the constant bombardment of thoughts, being with myself, absorbing relaxing music from the living room, breathing.  I lay on my back for the remaining time—total 20 minutes. When on my back, I may climb the wall with my feet, raising to a slight shoulder stand position. Or bend my knees in fetal position. I rub my colon counterclockwise to dislodge stuff from the colon wall. I massage, lovingly, my liver front & back. I gently squeeze my tummy. I’m now spending more time on my right side, for most of the time, rubbing & massaging my tummy.

If you feel an urge to expel, breath, relax. The urge should pass. After my 20 minutes, I sit on the stool and read. It won’t take long.

After I expel the coffee, I do a probiotic implant.  Either I empty a probiotic capsule into a cup of distilled water, or I’ll use 2 Tablespoons of coconut kefir, easily made from coconut milk (preferred). Heat to 96-104F (36-40C). Insert. I dress. I do a shoulder stand in the LR to a count of 60 ish, turn on my right side to send to inner colon. I’m ready for the day.


 I treasure hunt after each expulsion, but I’ll save that for another blog. 

 For more enema recipes: (Thanks again, Carlos.)

Some just do one coffee enema total.  For me, after 3 back-to-back sessions, I’m still not totally clear.

 I also do a third enema in the pm (between 3-7).  I’ve been getting lots of good stuff at this time. My third pm is either eucalyptus, lemon or lemongrass, garlic, or ACV (apple cider vinegar).

Apple cider vinegar contains over forty vitamins and minerals. It releases toxins from the liver and has helped arthritis patients, people with high blood pressure, and skin conditions. Other ailments helped by consuming apple cider vinegar are high cholesterol, insomnia and fatigue, liver and kidney problems, asthma, and more. Apple cider vinegar has been used for thousands of years even before the Egyptians, and was a prime medicine before prescription drugs came out onto the market. Also a method of dissolving internal stones in horses.”   (Thanks for the link, Carlos.)

To clean I use castile soap on bucket & insert.  Next I fill my bucket & run the soapy water through the hose. Rinse pot & invert to dry. Wipe insert clean with alcohol & paper towel. Hang over curtain rod.

 This helps in stress reduction. It’s like an internal massage & helps release natural endorphins etc. It also relaxes the mind & body and clears one of pathogens & toxins.  (Who’s got toxins & parasites?) We do. I have discovered profound peace while lying with myself, appreciating the intricacies of this magnificent instrument, and opening myself to my creative aspect in tranquility.

If you are wishing to remove candida and pathogens,  3 back-to-back has been recommended on a regular basis. You’ll need to do more research.  Candida hasn’t been my goal.

For those who would like to know more about coffee enemas and receive great support along the way, I highly recommend the following forum/group:




Help Your Back, Change Your World

  I will define myself and my goals today. Being diagnosed with multiple back glitches has inspired me to be here. I'm Marvella.

I’m Marvella,


My qualifications:

  • Bad back
  • Natural researcher
  • Many years studying human mind/spirit potential
  • Student of Nutrition
  • Naturalist (no surgery please)


My method:

  • Roll around on the floor and think
  • Or not think, and roll around on the floor
  • Or just open and receive, while rolling around on the floor :)


Everyone has a back. These are core movements mostly. Young and old can benefit. Your back muscles support your spine. 

 I’ve always related to music by moving. I don’t know a measure, but my body knows the movement. I’m thinking I can suggest or demonstrate movements to music that others can follow, and maybe we can avoid the knife, laser, whatever that has become so prevalent these days.

 Music and movement go beyond logic and language. They stimulate more parts of our brain. Parts where creative ideas and self-healing come from. There is music therapy, dance therapy, so why not world movement therapy?  I’m not a physical therapist, but have been advised by several.  

 Moving to meditative, but inspirational, motivational instrumentals can heal your body and your soul. Listen for it. We need some soulful awakenings. This world is only going to improve through a growth in human awareness. We cannot spend our way to a better world. We need less emphasis on $$$ and more emphasis on ^^^.



No Surgery Please.