Enema Inverted


My goal in this series of videos is to introduce more people to the wonders of the healing enema.

shoulder stand Rose 2

No expensive drugs, antibiotics, surgery–just the ancient art of healing through purging of bodily toxins using enemas. All the fake food, pesticides, GMO’s, sugars we are eating are slowly poisoning us.


Garbage in, worms should come out.

(There is a direct connection between your gut and your brain. Are parasites influencing you actions, health, thoughts?)


The normal first reaction is a bad face or covering the eyes and denying that one could have such things in oneself.

very ropey wormy


Ignorance will not lead to bliss in this instance.



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“What You Think You Become” (Buddha)

I'm Marvella.   Back Pain Survivor.

I’m Marvella.
Back Pain Survivor.


A few years ago, my daughter asked me to throw out some life-advice to her.  My advice was “Watch your thoughts.”

I used to believe that if I thought it, it must be so.  Now, I have become smarter.  Thoughts can come from any number of places.  It is up to you to decide which ones are useful and which are not.  That is why we have a “consciousness.”  We are capable of analyzing our own thoughts.  Prejudiced? Wishful? Hateful? Self-defeating?  Lazy? Selfish?  Weak? Unhealthy? Mean? Nice?  We all have them.  Take control and pick and choose which are going to dominate your life.

Optimism is good.  Effort and determination, good if in a positive direction.  Happy is nice.  

How you think and react can be guided by whichever philosophy you choose to cultivate.  I am of a disorganized religion that I will call “smorgasbord spirituality”.  I am satisfied that I initially majored in Physics and Math, but as my first Philosophy professor stated–the hierarchy of knowledge goes from science to philosophy to metaphysics.  I embrace it all.

I do believe that I was given this body problem, or created it, to point me in this direction, as this is the culmination of my life’s purpose.  And I hope what I have to offer benefits many.  (It’s all I have to give.)


Help Your Back, Change Your World

  I will define myself and my goals today. Being diagnosed with multiple back glitches has inspired me to be here. I'm Marvella.

I’m Marvella,


My qualifications:

  • Bad back
  • Natural researcher
  • Many years studying human mind/spirit potential
  • Student of Nutrition
  • Naturalist (no surgery please)


My method:

  • Roll around on the floor and think
  • Or not think, and roll around on the floor
  • Or just open and receive, while rolling around on the floor :)


Everyone has a back. These are core movements mostly. Young and old can benefit. Your back muscles support your spine. 

 I’ve always related to music by moving. I don’t know a measure, but my body knows the movement. I’m thinking I can suggest or demonstrate movements to music that others can follow, and maybe we can avoid the knife, laser, whatever that has become so prevalent these days.

 Music and movement go beyond logic and language. They stimulate more parts of our brain. Parts where creative ideas and self-healing come from. There is music therapy, dance therapy, so why not world movement therapy?  I’m not a physical therapist, but have been advised by several.  

 Moving to meditative, but inspirational, motivational instrumentals can heal your body and your soul. Listen for it. We need some soulful awakenings. This world is only going to improve through a growth in human awareness. We cannot spend our way to a better world. We need less emphasis on $$$ and more emphasis on ^^^.



No Surgery Please.