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cervical2cervical region

This stack of bones supports and protects our spine.


This is the cervical region of the spine.  If things go wrong at this level, everything below can become dysfunctional–from your arms down to your feet.  The little orange disks between the bones can bulge out creating a lopsidedness of the vertebrae, which can then pinch local nerves exiting the spine at that location.  Time and gravity play a part in disk degeneration.  Another reason to drink plenty of water is that the disks need it to stay inflated.



This is fragile stuff.

It’s wise to be gentle and slow in movement.  

Muscle is what supports a problem spine. 


Stretching and massaging helps relieve pressure on nerves and disks–(a good thing.) Movement keeps the blood, nutrients, and water flowing to these parts.

No Surgery Please.