My Plan

Doing repetitive moves doesn’t agree with me–in terms of over-use and boredom.  At 73, I accept that I need to take extra steps to counteract degeneration.  I incorporate movements & cautions from some Physical Therapists, as well as some yoga, some pilates, and exercises I have found on the internet for back, periformis muscles, ITB & posture.   And from my mind/body connection.

 Mind/body connection is worth cultivating.  So many benefits.


General Suggestions:


  • Listen to the music, move your body—carefully & constantly

  • Close your eyes and go someplace, or no place

  • Or meditate, leaving yourself open to inspiration, ideas, feelings, beingness

  • Or think, plan, problem solve

  • Let the music move through you, but be conscious of postures & spinal compromise

  • Use yourself to capacity.  Include the conscious, unconscious, Self, using music as your vehicle

I thank my hands, feet, spine for carrying me.  I no longer take them for granted.  They may not be working tomorrow.  As long as I can move, I want to dance.

I’ve lost weight eating less and more healthily so as not to put so much stress on my joints.  Movement gets the nutrients moving to all my parts.




No Surgery Please.