The Perfect Music …..

Music affects various parts of our psyche & body.  Predominantly attributed to the right brain, it stimulates and affects emotion, the unconscious & conscious mind, the soul.  Different music has different effects.

I am leaning toward music that encourages contemplation, doesn’t put you to sleep, and encourages you to move.

I need music which inspires me to move to strengthen, stretch, & build supporting muscle. And also to meditate & create.

I lean strongly towards instrumentals, although I like certain eastern music where I don’t understand the words.  Words would interfere with my thoughts and I want my mind free.  This is kind of a meditative moving to music. Instrumentals  stimulate a larger part of your brain.  Body movement stimulates even more of your brain.  And the body says “thank you.”

 It is like a meditation where the mind opens as your body responds naturally.  Music like this makes me move. It arouses me, feeds me, vibrates through my being, lifts me off the floor, touches my soul, heals me. It brings out the creative in me. I have a notepad nearby in case some genius ideas emerge :roll: (you never know).


No Surgery Please.