Marvella Enema Log

Since starting my enema regimen, I’ve become a worm hunter. Remember, I had no idea I was harboring these intruders until after I started doing enemas.  Wouldn’t you like to know what’s in your gut & colon, robbing you of nutrients and contributing to weight problems?

I’ve become better acquainted with my inner space. I constantly question what I’m seeing, which I’m sure many others have or will have as well.



I’ve logged, photographed, bottled my results.  Perhaps some who are more familiar with parasites, worms, mucoid plaque, candida, fungus can contribute some of their knowledge in identifying what comes out.  Is mine like yours?  People may wonder why I’m doing this.  My answer: Because.

1. I have an inquisitive mind.

2. I’m part scientist/part voyeur

3. This may be helpful to those who share this form of health maintenance or reclamation.


In the Beginning…

Question: What am I looking at?


  Three Significant Worms 6-30-14 Plus PM Bonanza.


 Weird Shit  6-29-14



My Full Moon Study:

 More worm arrivals  

No Surgery Please.