Healing Self

 Some of my floating thoughts:

What is the nature of faith healing? What part is due to the healer and what part to the healed? Where does that healer get that energy that they distribute or transfer?

God” is too easy an answer

There are intermediary steps and we are intermediaries on some level.

If Jesus incarnated to show us our potential as “God’s children”, and if we are all God’s children, with that little bit of divinity within us, then may not we all have healing abilities?

But, besides Christianity, whatever, whoever, you consider just a step above yourself be it pure energy, the universe, the soul.  This still applies.

The question is how do we tap into that healing ability. After all, we are all just little bundles of condensed energy.

I admit there are limitations to our healing ourselves in all situations, but we can give a big assist to our health, healing, well-being by considering some of the following.

First we need to stop poisoning ourselves with “fake food”, which is most of what we are eating these days.

We need “clean food”, free of poisonous pestisides. Stop the sugar! And the “artificial” sweeteners. 

Next we need to “believe”. Even if we don’t understand the mechanisms that go into healing ourselves, we can open ourselves up to the possibility. (Remember the placebo effect.) We need to take back some of the power we have given away to the medical establishment. Maybe we can become “miracles of science.”  😯

I think raising our level of vibration through certain music and movements is another step in the healing process, while directing conscious healing thoughts to the problem at hand.

We need to open ourselves up to our unconscious powers, and allow our Higher Selves an opening to come in and clean up.

Breathe. Drink clean water. Clean ourselves of rampant toxins. Relax. Love ourselves. Have faith. Heal.

John-Muir 700

 Pic taken on Currituck Sound @ Full Moon

Corolla, NC (Outer Banks)

I was born on a full moon.  😀

Disclaimer:  I know we have a long way to go

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