Enema Awareness

 Enemas are an ancient form of healing & health maintenance.  They have a history of success established eons ago, before we were brainwashed into thinking that only the pharmaceuticals heal (forget their side-effects, or track record).

Our polluted environment, our consumption of fake food, our over-dependence on the medical industrial complex has made us susceptible to all kinds of ailments.  Enemas are a way of clearing out the toxins that are clogging our system and robbing us of the nutrients we consume.  No prescription needed–just a bucket or bag and a delivery tube.

Besides keeping yourself clean & healthy, You could very likely have worms.

In Doubt?  Read this.

very ropey wormy


Well, just suppose you don’t have worms.  Why would you want to do such a thing?

Click here for a list of the advantages of coffee enemas.


Colon Connections

Colon Connections


This is a link to how I do my enemas:

My Coffee Enema  

enema bucket


There are all kinds of enemas available for the connoisseur: eucalyptus, lemons, lemongrass, milk, garlic, hydrogen peroxide, epsom salt, apple cider vinegar (ACV), and many others.  There is usually a period of time that one holds the liquid, usually 20 minutes or longer.  I have prepared a post to list some of the activities that advocates (real people) do, while holding, besides my music/movement therapy.

Click here for Enema Activities (Testimonials).

No Surgery Please.