Enema Activities

Enemas, an ancient & free form of healing, usually entails holding a particular recipe for a certain length of time.  Here is a partial list of what the “enema people” do , during this holding period, other than my musical/movement therapy.

Real quotes:


Read health-related books, listen to health-related audio interviews, watch health-related youtube videos, meditate / pray / reflect. Depends on the day. That pretty much covers it. Great question!

I wear socks, put a beach towel on floor, put a pillow and have a comfy warm cute blanket then play a game on my ipad called”smash hit”, totally takes my mind off it, is as intense as the enema.

I close vents…so I’m warm…use various soft towels…sometimes little foam base…Books on tape. BEST therapy around!! OH…tell others to leave you alone.

while in the process of what I refer to as rectal therapy . I often listen to comforting , soothing , music from one’s collection of favorite musicals .

Yesterday my husband said he was working late. The house all to myself. I lit candles in the family room, dimmed the lights and turned on the TV. I prepared the couch with blankets and towels and began my procedure. Guess who came in at the tail end? (Pun)

Said he was able to show up on time after all.

I do self Reiki while I’m doing them.

I have been doing them for 7 years so I’m a retention master and I just carry on with my normal activities and walk around. If I’m feeling a bit sluggish or it’s been awhile, I will lay on my right side.

what’s amazing is the fact . that even though some people can’t seem to chew gum & walk down the street at the same time . at least I’am able to relax while taking an enema in the bathroom & lying on the floor . listening to soothing music . and enjoying the stimulation , as well as the penetration .

I try to pull up a guided meditation on YouTube and meditate, but fact is sometimes Facebook/texting happens instead . The meditating does make a big difference though.

I am not about to take my computer into the room where I’m doing an enema. A disaster could ensue. I usually listen to the TV.

Me either. If I can’t get it on a kindle, it doesn’t happen.

Podcasts for me!

I play Mah Jong on my phone while releasing. Keeps my mind off the discomfort.

But while I’m retaining coffee I like to concentrate on my liver and gallbladder. I feel like I can will my gallbladder to release bile if I concentrate on it.

It’s a very peaceful time for me and I like it to be quiet so I can hear that satisfying squirt. I cover myself with a warm fluffy blanket and relax. Sometimes I pat my liver area or put my hand over it to keep it warm.

I’ll either read a book, do a meditation or mantra, simply use it as a time for writing/reflection, or listen to music (lately Krishna Das Pandora station). Great question!

Iphone it goes everywhere

I do a few different things. I always use the time to focus on healing. I spend time with God. I listen to worship music. I also watch YouTube videos on Lyme disease since I do it to over come Lyme disease.

I lay on my side and watch a show on Netflix, but nothing mentally stimulating. I like to just zone out and relax.

I text and email my clients about enemas! Remind them to do their ask suggest new protocols to try! 

And study about new protocols to try. I also put a yoga block underneath my Lombard to move things around too.

i count and pray that my butt is strong enough hold on for just another minute….

spotify and facebook

NPR Radio streaming on Iphone.

I do absolutely nothing. My intentions are to read, having 15 min to myself. But the minute I start reading, I cramp up. Every time. So, basically lay my head on my pillow, shut my eyes and take deep breaths. Relax. Clear my mind.




















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