In today’s world, detoxing really has become a necessity.  We weren’t built to thrive on poisons.  Contrary to what the monied interests claim, we are making ourselves sicker and sicker, as we move away from the real to the artificial.  Convenient, tasty, deadly.  The miracles of pseudo science have arrived.


Sample pollutants:

The air we breathe.

The water we drink.  Fluorides, chlorine, meds & other toilet stuff.  Most  filters are inadequate.  Bottled water is in plastic (BPA’s).

Pesticides: killing the bees which we need to pollinate our crops.

Processed foods: Fake food, low nutritive value, and full of pesticides. Cans             lined with BPA’s.

GMO’s: God help us.  The Monsanto devil is upon us, altering our DNA.

Cosmetics: Almost no limitations or oversight here.

Cleaning Products:  Also no oversight or limitations.

Tattoos:  Gorgeous & toxic

Vaccines: Mercury, Aluminum, GMO’s…See my post on Forced Vaccinations:

As per CDC: vaccine ingredients pic

 Pharmaceuticals:  Prescribed & over the counter


It’s no accident that illness abounds.


There are various ways to detox:

Taking certain supplements or herbs.

Exercise. For THE BEST moves, click here.


Stimulating the Lymphatic System via massage, brushing, baths.


Detoxing will most likely be a required, ongoing activity.  



Warning!  I am an enema advocate.

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Time for an enema revolution!




No Surgery Please.