Colon Crunch 1


I’m an interpretive dancer. I relate to music by moving. I must move to massage the pain & keep the muscles & legaments somewhat toned & flexible. My moves are geared toward my aches & pains, which are most everywhere. But this video highlights the colon & small intestines—moving, stretching, jiggling, crunching. I am also an enema advocate.

This video is really for everyone.

The need to get stuff in the gut moving & cleared is evident everywhere. This is a great non-drug way of improving/protecting one’s health amid the onslaught of toxins everywhere. It’s also been estimated that over 80% of our population are harboring pathogenic parasites in the gut & colon. I’ve seen several examples of people losing pounds & inches of parasites through cleanings & enemas.


colon crunch

This music is titled “Monday” by Ludovico Einaudi. I love this composition. My whole being vibrates to these notes, through the blood stream, the spinal chord, the nerves, cells, soul. I so love this music moving through me, feeling me, feeding me, healing me.

Try moving with me. Just watching doesn’t give you the “feel” of the movements.

Remember the gut/brain connection. Core accent.

Definition: Intenstinal activation/stimulation through movement & muscle contraction & relaxation.

Can be done in bed, if bedridden.


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No Surgery Please.