Why Meditate?

 Why Meditate?

  • Meditate to enhance your immune system
  • To reduce stress & experience Peace
  • To  relieve chronic pain
  • To open to your hidden power
  • To meet yourSelf
  • To enhance your creativity 
  • Meditate to strengthen your mental capacity
  • Meditate to control your mind, rather than your mind controlling you
  • Meditate to strengthen Self-control
  • Meditate to be in the proper state for self-healing
  • Meditate to  relax
  • Meditation increases your awareness as an observer/creator
  • Meditation connects you with your soul
  • Meditation makes you happy & loving
  • Meditate & become aware that you are a spirit inhabitant of this body & universe
  • Meditation provides a potential gateway to your source/God
  • Meditation is non-denominational.  It encourages direct experience of divinity


There have been several scientific studies that have documented that if just 1% of the population of a given group (a Super Radiance group in DC, 24 US cities, 48 cities, Arab-Israeli conflict) meditated, crime & violence decreased during that time from 24-89%.  (“The Field” by Lynne Mactaggart).

I believe we are missing a very important part of our human experience by not meditating.  We limp along like Pavlovian Dogs, conditioned by our upbringing, peer pressure, belief system, propaganda from the main-stream media, its sponsors, our politicians.   Often we are ruled by emotions, rather than reality.  One major benefit to any meditation is setting yourself up as “Observer.”  I used to think “I think it, therefore it is true.”  Not. We are not our thoughts.  Our thoughts are electrical impulses in our brains, not who we really are.  

Once you “know” yourself,

you will love yourself.

I believe this is how we can heal ourselves and our world.

This is my chosen position to be kind to my back:  

astronaut positon

Called the Astronaut Position

(Appropriate considering we are traveling to another dimension.)

To get started, concentrate on your breathe (inhale: “so”; exhale: “hum”).  I just started exhaling through my mouth.  Apparently, that exhale is more complete than through the nose.  But inhaling through the nose is better because of its filtering capacity.  Notice how busy that mind is.  It left the breath and went on to other things.  Bring it back to the breath.  

An empty mind is open to subtler vibrations and your creative nature.

Another Meditation position to seriously consider is standing on your feet, hand holding gently in front or behind you, gazing downward. This can be practiced waiting in line somewhere, or just waiting, or just being in the moment, or catching an emotion. I would call this the mini-meditation. This could also be practiced while sitting in a traffic jam, or at work.

There are numerous types of meditation:

Breathing Meditation, Buddhist Meditation, Centering Meditation, Healing Meditation, Child Meditation, Heart Meditation, Hindu Meditation, Light Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Mindful Meditation, Silent Meditation, Standing Meditation, Walking Meditation, Zen Meditation….

For those who find it difficult to sit for 20 minutes twice a day, I like the prospect of meditating on the move. A quick shortcut to your Higher Knowing. I want to do some further posts on these flexible meditations: Standing, Walking, Mindful, etc. I’m not an expert, just an advocate.

This is a great book.  

$.01 + postage, used

(Check the small print)

spontaneous fulfillment of desire

Forced Vaccinations

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

~ Anti-Nazi theologian and pastor Martin Niemöller


First the jews


According to the NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center), a 33 year old organization, “This year, more than 100 bills have been introduced simultaneously in almost every state to severely restrict or completely eliminate vaccine exemptions–including medical, religious and conscientious or philosophical belief exemptions. “

vaccinated not  Furthermore: a vaccinated person will carry & can spread that injected virus to others for up to 60 days after vaccination. This spreading is called “shedding.”     

And on a national level Pharma, CDC, FDA and others are pushing this.  There is obviously a concerted effort by the very wealthy Pharma-Government-Medical Trade to control and enhance their $100 billion vaccine market.  Or is this another “de-population effort” or “control the herd” by the elite? They make us sick & sicker, vaccine after vaccine, then an early death, after supporting our highly monetized health-care system.  It is rumored that pharma has over 200 new vaccines in the pipeline.

And who is responsible for testing the efficacy & the safety of our drugs??? The manufacturers.  What could possibly go wrong? $$$


Some of the societal sanctions being publicly proposed are: 

  • Tracking & public identification of the unvaccinated
  • Censorship of speech about vaccination
  • Lawsuits, including fines & criminal prosecution; imprisonment
  • Banning unvaccinated children an education
  • Firing health & child care workers, teacher and all school staff if not vaccinated
  • Denial of medical care
  • Medical license revocation for doctors criticizing vaccines
  • Taxing of unvaccinated Americans
  • Creation of “safe zones” that the unvaccinated can’t cross

Is this the America you want to live in? What happened to our constitutionally guaranteed civil rights?  They are using a couple hundred measles cases, half of which were vaccinated, to take away our basic human rights to our own bodies and our children’s bodies. And they can’t seem to even find the Disney Land perpetrator??

Speaking of measles:  Catch it, be sick for maybe two weeks, have lifetime immunity.  Or, get a measles vaccine with periodic booster shots because it wears off (or never worked in the first place.)

Let’s speak of the integrity(?) of our CDC & pharmaceutical industry.  Here is an article regarding President Obama’s granting of immunity to a CDC whistleblower who revealed that the CDC has known for at least 10 years that the measles MMR vaccine is directly associated with autism.  That , in fact, autism is more an epidemic than the measles.  When one reads this and how things work in Washington, it is not surprising to hear the common refrain that Lyme Disease does not exist, or is restricted to only a few locations.

To read the article, click here.

And these are the “experts” you want to grant your & your child’s future to?

By  the time a baby is two years old, it will have received 70 different vaccine strains.  By the time a child is 6 years old, it will have received 49 doses of 14 Vaccines.  (49 x 14 = 686) vaccines. Plus, 20 more by age 18. 


vaccinated doll



What is wrong with this picture? Right. The doll doesn’t feel it, nor have to live with the poisons in their system, and the consequences thereof, for the rest of their lives.  How did we ever survive childhood without the vaccine industry?

 which, by the way, is immune from prosecution if any harm is caused by their vaccines? (law passed by congress in the 80’s) May I recap? The manufacturer is responsible for testing for the efficacy & safety of the vaccine they make & profit from and are immune from any prosecution if their vaccine causes any harm.


Here are just some of the current ingredients in today’s vaccines.

vaccine ingredients pic

Please note this is from the CDC. They forgot to mention GMO’s.

Many of their basic ingredients are neuro-toxins: i.e., brain, nervous system, immune system. (Autistic children anyone?)


According to NVIC, if all medical exemptions are eliminated, those who have had vaccine reactions and became permanently disabled will be forced to get more vaccinations & risk further brain & immune system injury.  Also, if one is immune compromised (Lyme, cancer, MS. ALS, Alzheimers, AIDS, Fibromyalgia, Chrone’s, hypoglycemia, etc.), they will be in “grave” danger.

And “authorities” are saying we should get a flu shot annually?  Even though the predicted, predominant virus is a guess each year.  But, the Aluminum, mercury & other toxic adjunctives are ever present and accumulating.  I just read that the flu shot is only 16% effective and that’s considered good enough to risk neurological damage of the recipients.  Oh, and my pharmacy has a super duper shot for the elderly.  That makes sense?!? Maybe for clearing out the social security roster.  


“If the State can tag, track down and force you against your will to be injected with biologicals of known & unknown toxicity today, then there will be no limit on which other freedoms the State can take away in the name of the greater good tomorrow.” (NVIC)

Are we becoming a police state

(with needles)?


Really.  How presumptuous of man to think he has become God, and has the right to alter the chemical composition of  humanity.


What’s next? A zombie population that mindlessly obeys and works for their masters receiving poverty wages? Human drones? Manipulation by button pushing, thus stimulating  implanted chips?


Just found the money trail!   

(Thank you Natural News)

Vaccine money trail 


This link is to an extremely informative article regarding vaccines and the enforcement thereof.  

Click Here



If you question my comments on vaccines, take the time to watch this 2 hour video of experts, who have no financial interests, and several vaccine victims. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be truly informed regarding this important topic. 




Seriously, there must be a higher order of viewing this world, life, humanity, our planet, apart from greed, fear & self-interest.


Does Dancing Make You Smarter?

This was shared on a forum I’m on.

Dancing makes you smarter


A person on that forum mentioned that people with MS can’t dance.  I don’t understand the disease, nor know anyone else’s disability.  I just feel if you can move, you can dance.  For me, movement is required not to hurt.  I need the blood flowing to my parts, need the massage & stretch.  This old bod craves attention.

 Dance. How I do love thee. 

Music vibrates my being. Yours too. Listen.

Improvisation, where I let the music & my body (sore spots, tight spots, weak spots) & my unconscious guide my movements, is what I do.

Bringing in the unconscious is part of the healing process.

While moving, I think “Love & Heal.”

I think dancing and moving this way, rather than repetitious movements would touch more spots in need. Set yourself free!


Colon Crunch 2

These Colon Crunch movements exercise my intestines & colon to get things moving.  They also serve to massage my troubled back & spine. 


I have to start with this.  Now that I’ve seen this video, and my friend, Aubrey’s dog, Poppy, do the same thing, I’m now thinking these movements are Universal! 


My video (to follow) emphasizes the colon, intestines, back. Strong core orientation. I believe these movements help digestion, bowel movements, toxic expulsion, plus massages & strenghtens back.

I’m a dancer. This is how I deal with my pain & toxin removal—all at once!  For me, it’s another avenue to the soul & healing.  Movement is so important.  Why not infuse it with wonderful music?

It may not be readily apparent, but there is a part where I am moving on my fists (like tennis balls, but handier 😎 ) to massage deep my periformis region, which tends to get tight.


colon on my fists


To view the trailer or to download my full length video, please click here


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Feet Hurting?

 Are your feet hurting? Troublesome?  Do they need a rub? Our feet need more attention than they usually get.  Parasites “gravitate” to the hips, legs, feet.  Getting blood moving with that healing touch & intent is a good thing for most pain.

Come Join Me: (Parasites need to be bothered.)

Feet Hurting 


I especially get foot & leg irritations when I am about to fall asleep.  They need attention.  They want to move. Sometimes I just have to get out of bed and move.  Movement really makes a difference in the pain, or the strong urge to move. 

To view the trailer or to download the full video, please   Click Here.

Three Significant Worms 6-30-14

This morning was eventful.  Three significant worms.  Note the common characteristics.  Yesterday I got some weird droppings on the first flush of E. salt. I followed with a coffee 20 minute hold & flush. Nothing much –dark liquid. Around 8pm I did a 20 minute hold with garlic, followed w/ fresh lemon + lemongrass drops for another 20 minute hold.  Basically colored water.


Noteworthy, this is 2 days after New Moon, an active period for parasites.  I fed them oatmeal laced with DE, wormwood, & ground papaya seeds for breakfast.  Keifer & probiotics before bedtime.  Also put DE or wormwood in soup sometimes.  Also put ground papaya seeds in empty probiotic capsules (used for final hold replenishment).  Took a couple of the papaya caps with the bedtime Keifer.

But, this morning, three significant worms: (You can click on any picture to enlarge it.)


#1  Notice the texture: ropey, sesame seed look-alikes, air-pockets are common descriptions.

IMG_5295    Closer    IMG_5296   Closer  IMG_5297




IMG_5298       Note the Outgrowth. IMG_5301

 Looks like the worm is feeding off a stone to produce another leg.

 IMG_5300 Head?

 IMG_5302      Tail?


#3                                                                                                                                                                                                                             IMG_5306   Head & Tail.  IMG_5307

                   Body Shot: IMG_5308

Worm Piece   IMG_5309   Worms in a Jar  IMG_5317


I thought I was done, until my PM flush….


IMG_5320 IMG_5329 IMG_5341


Certainly activity and intent here.  

                                                                                                                    IMG_5321 IMG_5322 IMG_5323 IMG_5324

Who’d a thought I would become a poo analyst?


IMG_5330 IMG_5331 IMG_5332    Heads or Tails?


If it looks like a worm, grows like a worm, eats like a worm–

It’s a Worm!


IMG_5342 IMG_5343 IMG_5344


From where & why– this new variety of worm?


IMG_0726  What’s in your Colon?




Enema Activities

Enemas, an ancient & free form of healing, usually entails holding a particular recipe for a certain length of time.  Here is a partial list of what the “enema people” do , during this holding period, other than my musical/movement therapy.

Real quotes:


Read health-related books, listen to health-related audio interviews, watch health-related youtube videos, meditate / pray / reflect. Depends on the day. That pretty much covers it. Great question!

I wear socks, put a beach towel on floor, put a pillow and have a comfy warm cute blanket then play a game on my ipad called”smash hit”, totally takes my mind off it, is as intense as the enema.

I close vents…so I’m warm…use various soft towels…sometimes little foam base…Books on tape. BEST therapy around!! OH…tell others to leave you alone.

while in the process of what I refer to as rectal therapy . I often listen to comforting , soothing , music from one’s collection of favorite musicals .

Yesterday my husband said he was working late. The house all to myself. I lit candles in the family room, dimmed the lights and turned on the TV. I prepared the couch with blankets and towels and began my procedure. Guess who came in at the tail end? (Pun)

Said he was able to show up on time after all.

I do self Reiki while I’m doing them.

I have been doing them for 7 years so I’m a retention master and I just carry on with my normal activities and walk around. If I’m feeling a bit sluggish or it’s been awhile, I will lay on my right side.

what’s amazing is the fact . that even though some people can’t seem to chew gum & walk down the street at the same time . at least I’am able to relax while taking an enema in the bathroom & lying on the floor . listening to soothing music . and enjoying the stimulation , as well as the penetration .

I try to pull up a guided meditation on YouTube and meditate, but fact is sometimes Facebook/texting happens instead . The meditating does make a big difference though.

I am not about to take my computer into the room where I’m doing an enema. A disaster could ensue. I usually listen to the TV.

Me either. If I can’t get it on a kindle, it doesn’t happen.

Podcasts for me!

I play Mah Jong on my phone while releasing. Keeps my mind off the discomfort.

But while I’m retaining coffee I like to concentrate on my liver and gallbladder. I feel like I can will my gallbladder to release bile if I concentrate on it.

It’s a very peaceful time for me and I like it to be quiet so I can hear that satisfying squirt. I cover myself with a warm fluffy blanket and relax. Sometimes I pat my liver area or put my hand over it to keep it warm.

I’ll either read a book, do a meditation or mantra, simply use it as a time for writing/reflection, or listen to music (lately Krishna Das Pandora station). Great question!

Iphone it goes everywhere

I do a few different things. I always use the time to focus on healing. I spend time with God. I listen to worship music. I also watch YouTube videos on Lyme disease since I do it to over come Lyme disease.

I lay on my side and watch a show on Netflix, but nothing mentally stimulating. I like to just zone out and relax.

I text and email my clients about enemas! Remind them to do their ask suggest new protocols to try! 

And study about new protocols to try. I also put a yoga block underneath my Lombard to move things around too.

i count and pray that my butt is strong enough hold on for just another minute….

spotify and facebook

NPR Radio streaming on Iphone.

I do absolutely nothing. My intentions are to read, having 15 min to myself. But the minute I start reading, I cramp up. Every time. So, basically lay my head on my pillow, shut my eyes and take deep breaths. Relax. Clear my mind.




















My Enema–The Musical (Moon Night)

I'm Marvella.   Back Pain Survivor.

I’m Marvella.
Back Pain Survivor.

Basic enema instructions suggest massaging belly in a counter-clockwise direction to get the fluid further into the colon and perhaps dislodge debris & parasites from the walls of the colon.  It is also suggested to elevate the hips somewhat to again get the fluid up into the colon.


What I think I’m doing with these movements is dislodging & moving fluid.  But also, lifting my vibrational level through music.  It turns into an exercise for core muscles, and a back massage. I often stretch & support my neck.  As my aged spine is collapsing, I view this as stimulating blood flow, in general, as well as  encouraging fluid to flow into my spinal disks & hopefully elongating my spine. We lose 2-3 inches of height during a lifetime due to spinal collapse.  Building muscle in the core helps support a compromised spine.

I also believe these varied movements move the small intestine (15-33 feet long) to further dislodge plaque, parasites, worms. il_340x270.395383884_ivva






Here is a video in my tub.  The music is “Moon Night” by

Karen Marie Garrett.


Click here to view trailer or to purchase on Vimeo. 

If you want more information on enemas, parasites, etc. View other posts in the right-sided column.


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Enema Inverted


My goal in this series of videos is to introduce more people to the wonders of the healing enema.

shoulder stand Rose 2

No expensive drugs, antibiotics, surgery–just the ancient art of healing through purging of bodily toxins using enemas. All the fake food, pesticides, GMO’s, sugars we are eating are slowly poisoning us.


Garbage in, worms should come out.

(There is a direct connection between your gut and your brain. Are parasites influencing you actions, health, thoughts?)


The normal first reaction is a bad face or covering the eyes and denying that one could have such things in oneself.

very ropey wormy


Ignorance will not lead to bliss in this instance.



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My Enema–The Musical, in Living Room

My formal diagnosis is Fibromyalgia, herniated disks, spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis.  My intuitive diagnosis is Lyme.  I need to move to not hurt.  But then, when I move, it still hurts, but it is more like a massage.  I believe I am disrupting the comfortable abodes of my pet spirochetes & parasites.  Every health practitioner  I’ve read recommends movement.  I was built to respond to music.  Philip Wesley 2

Enemas have opened up another world to me.  The world of worms.  I fish for worms daily.  I had no idea I had these residents inside me until I started regular coffee enemas.  I am not a coffee drinker, but it seems to agree with me when taken this alternative way.


I only have a name for the big ones right now.  Ropeworms.  People are claiming these are the result of our “fake food” diet.  Their appearance seems to have coincided with the processed, pesticide ridden food supply of the past several years. It makes sense that if we don’t have the proper nutrients to support our systems & continue to consume poisons, that we are asking for problems like this.  So many illnesses today are related to a compromised immune system.


One of my pets:  skinny parasite


The following video, one of many, shows movements that can be done to dislodge worms and clean out the colon.

Click below for a “how-to” video: 

 Living Room Demonstration:

Music from “Dark Night of the Soul” by Philip Wesley

For more information & support, here are a few forums to consider:








No Surgery Please.