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I'm Marvella.   Back Pain Survivor.

I’m Marvella.
Back Pain Survivor.

When I first learned that we only use a small portion of our brain, I wanted to know more.  It seemed that we had untapped potential that we were not accessing.


I’ve taught Physics & Math, originated mortgages, and practice real estate.  I have been a student of psychology, philosophy, religion, metaphysics, human potential, and artificial intelligence for many years.  This is how I think.  I’m basically a student of mind, emotion, spirituality, human potential & body awareness.

This is my passion.

Plus, I have back pain!


There are ways to expand our mental capacity.  Music and movement are two of those ways.  It is now being recognized as having great healing potential also.  The power of the mind is continuously surprising us.


What I know of anatomy comes from a coloring book, from physical therapists, the internet, and from poking around on my own form.  I am also a “house dancer.”  (I dance around the house.)  Dance therapy is also growing in popularity with the healing professionals.  (Recognizing the power of music & movement.)


                           authors: Kapit & Elson



To me dance is just moving to music, letting your body and the music suggest the movement.  Allow your unconscious to connect to your conscious and harmonize with the music and movement.  Now you’ve got more of your brain working for you.

squirrel dancing interpretive

No Surgery Please.