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It’s Done!


I like to think this DVD/video is unique.   Multiple back issues have caused me to pay attention.

DVD or Video Dowload

DVD or Video Dowload

I spend most of the video in instructional mode, with two clips basically freeform.  The movements are geared toward building back & glute muscles, massaging away pain, maintaining flexibility.  Core muscles support your spine.  

These movements are not just for backs of today, but backs of tomorrow. Your back muscles and posture house/support a gradually collapsing spine (2-3 inches in a lifetime), which is home to lots of nerves.

My movements have been  influenced by several physical therapists, yoga, pilates, guided & inspired by music & pain .

Basic Sources:

  • Several physical therapists         Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 1.11.31 PM
  • Spinal specialist
  • internet stuff
  • books
  • pain

Moving to music can be also used to tap into your creativity. Music in the spiritual direction can bring you pretty close to something like bliss. It involves more mind (conscious & unconscious), body and spirit in unison using movement & music as the vehicles.

I guess I would describe this as

  • sort of yoga
  • sort of pilates    Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 6.41.07 AM
  • sort of dance
  • sort of massage
  • sort of mental, sometimes spiritual
  • sort of emotional, sometimes creative


All do-able in a small space like a living room, bdrm, etc. An opportunity to

strengthen your back and expand your mind.


Some of my better photos sandwich the clips.  A bargain folks!


DVD = $15 (watch on big screen, while moving)

Downloadable = $10 (fits on smart phones, ipads, etc.)

Downloadable clips:  $2.00

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