Why Meditate?

 Why Meditate?

  • Meditate to enhance your immune system
  • To reduce stress & experience Peace
  • To  relieve chronic pain
  • To open to your hidden power
  • To meet yourSelf
  • To enhance your creativity 
  • Meditate to strengthen your mental capacity
  • Meditate to control your mind, rather than your mind controlling you
  • Meditate to strengthen Self-control
  • Meditate to be in the proper state for self-healing
  • Meditate to  relax
  • Meditation increases your awareness as an observer/creator
  • Meditation connects you with your soul
  • Meditation makes you happy & loving
  • Meditate & become aware that you are a spirit inhabitant of this body & universe
  • Meditation provides a potential gateway to your source/God
  • Meditation is non-denominational.  It encourages direct experience of divinity


There have been several scientific studies that have documented that if just 1% of the population of a given group (a Super Radiance group in DC, 24 US cities, 48 cities, Arab-Israeli conflict) meditated, crime & violence decreased during that time from 24-89%.  (“The Field” by Lynne Mactaggart).

I believe we are missing a very important part of our human experience by not meditating.  We limp along like Pavlovian Dogs, conditioned by our upbringing, peer pressure, belief system, propaganda from the main-stream media, its sponsors, our politicians.   Often we are ruled by emotions, rather than reality.  One major benefit to any meditation is setting yourself up as “Observer.”  I used to think “I think it, therefore it is true.”  Not. We are not our thoughts.  Our thoughts are electrical impulses in our brains, not who we really are.  

Once you “know” yourself,

you will love yourself.

I believe this is how we can heal ourselves and our world.

This is my chosen position to be kind to my back:  

astronaut positon

Called the Astronaut Position

(Appropriate considering we are traveling to another dimension.)

To get started, concentrate on your breathe (inhale: “so”; exhale: “hum”).  I just started exhaling through my mouth.  Apparently, that exhale is more complete than through the nose.  But inhaling through the nose is better because of its filtering capacity.  Notice how busy that mind is.  It left the breath and went on to other things.  Bring it back to the breath.  

An empty mind is open to subtler vibrations and your creative nature.

Another Meditation position to seriously consider is standing on your feet, hand holding gently in front or behind you, gazing downward. This can be practiced waiting in line somewhere, or just waiting, or just being in the moment, or catching an emotion. I would call this the mini-meditation. This could also be practiced while sitting in a traffic jam, or at work.

There are numerous types of meditation:

Breathing Meditation, Buddhist Meditation, Centering Meditation, Healing Meditation, Child Meditation, Heart Meditation, Hindu Meditation, Light Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Mindful Meditation, Silent Meditation, Standing Meditation, Walking Meditation, Zen Meditation….

For those who find it difficult to sit for 20 minutes twice a day, I like the prospect of meditating on the move. A quick shortcut to your Higher Knowing. I want to do some further posts on these flexible meditations: Standing, Walking, Mindful, etc. I’m not an expert, just an advocate.

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