Does Dancing Make You Smarter?

This was shared on a forum I’m on.

Dancing makes you smarter


A person on that forum mentioned that people with MS can’t dance.  I don’t understand the disease, nor know anyone else’s disability.  I just feel if you can move, you can dance.  For me, movement is required not to hurt.  I need the blood flowing to my parts, need the massage & stretch.  This old bod craves attention.

 Dance. How I do love thee. 

Music vibrates my being. Yours too. Listen.

Improvisation, where I let the music & my body (sore spots, tight spots, weak spots) & my unconscious guide my movements, is what I do.

Bringing in the unconscious is part of the healing process.

While moving, I think “Love & Heal.”

I think dancing and moving this way, rather than repetitious movements would touch more spots in need. Set yourself free!


No Surgery Please.