Colon Crunch 2

These Colon Crunch movements exercise my intestines & colon to get things moving.  They also serve to massage my troubled back & spine. 


I have to start with this.  Now that I’ve seen this video, and my friend, Aubrey’s dog, Poppy, do the same thing, I’m now thinking these movements are Universal! 


My video (to follow) emphasizes the colon, intestines, back. Strong core orientation. I believe these movements help digestion, bowel movements, toxic expulsion, plus massages & strenghtens back.

I’m a dancer. This is how I deal with my pain & toxin removal—all at once!  For me, it’s another avenue to the soul & healing.  Movement is so important.  Why not infuse it with wonderful music?

It may not be readily apparent, but there is a part where I am moving on my fists (like tennis balls, but handier 😎 ) to massage deep my periformis region, which tends to get tight.


colon on my fists


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Feet Hurting?

 Are your feet hurting? Troublesome?  Do they need a rub? Our feet need more attention than they usually get.  Parasites “gravitate” to the hips, legs, feet.  Getting blood moving with that healing touch & intent is a good thing for most pain.

Come Join Me: (Parasites need to be bothered.)

Feet Hurting 


I especially get foot & leg irritations when I am about to fall asleep.  They need attention.  They want to move. Sometimes I just have to get out of bed and move.  Movement really makes a difference in the pain, or the strong urge to move. 

To view the trailer or to download the full video, please   Click Here.

No Surgery Please.