Smorgasbord Spirituality

Smorgasbord Spirituality:


I'm Marvella.   Back Pain Survivor.

I’m Marvella.
Back Pain Survivor

  • non-exclusive – most religions have lessons & wisdom to convey

  • and we continue to evolve

  • sort of like a Cafeteria Catholic or a Buffet Buddhist, I leave myself open and pick & choose what works for me

  • I see no reason to hate, war, kill over differing beliefs

  • Believe what you want. Just don’t force it on others.

 At 10, my daughter described herself as “half Jewish & half Crystal.” At that time she informed me that when we die, we go to the “Golden Gate” to be assessed.  She lives in LA now, perhaps  to be closer when “judgment day” arrives.

Yes, my fault.  But, I did exhaust two albums of “Jesus Christ, Superstar” when they were growing up.   My “half Crystal” son would jog to it.  We celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas.

Now a grown woman, my daughter lights menorahs and Christmas trees, meditates,  attends ashrams, and has a bust of Buddha on her mantel.  I don’t know what my  son’s spiritual beliefs are.  I never to asked.

I have Muslim friends, black friends, white friends, skinny & fat friends, rich & poor friends, young & old friends, girl & boy friends, gay & straight friends—it is all about the Color of Character. (Martin Luther King?)  

I guess you might call me a spiritual mongrel.

War is about power, control, greed; unless it is truly self-defense—not imagined, projected, propagandized “self-defense”.

This country needs to re-examine its character. 

What has High 5 Capitalism and constant war brought us? Millions of our citizens are in poverty, hungry, dying, and pseudo-Christians advocate cutting food stamps (SNAP) and opposing free health care (single payer). Land to grow food is owned by a few.  Big business has taken over our food supply.  The “lazy” many have nowhere to plant a seed or raise a chicken.

 We go to other countries and “cheap” them out of their resources—and leave them impoverished. These were not Christ’s teachings.

We are ruled by “Christians” w/o “Christ Consciousness.”  

Maybe we could call them the “Corporate Christians.”  Their god is $$$.







“What You Think You Become” (Buddha)

I'm Marvella.   Back Pain Survivor.

I’m Marvella.
Back Pain Survivor.


A few years ago, my daughter asked me to throw out some life-advice to her.  My advice was “Watch your thoughts.”

I used to believe that if I thought it, it must be so.  Now, I have become smarter.  Thoughts can come from any number of places.  It is up to you to decide which ones are useful and which are not.  That is why we have a “consciousness.”  We are capable of analyzing our own thoughts.  Prejudiced? Wishful? Hateful? Self-defeating?  Lazy? Selfish?  Weak? Unhealthy? Mean? Nice?  We all have them.  Take control and pick and choose which are going to dominate your life.

Optimism is good.  Effort and determination, good if in a positive direction.  Happy is nice.  

How you think and react can be guided by whichever philosophy you choose to cultivate.  I am of a disorganized religion that I will call “smorgasbord spirituality”.  I am satisfied that I initially majored in Physics and Math, but as my first Philosophy professor stated–the hierarchy of knowledge goes from science to philosophy to metaphysics.  I embrace it all.

I do believe that I was given this body problem, or created it, to point me in this direction, as this is the culmination of my life’s purpose.  And I hope what I have to offer benefits many.  (It’s all I have to give.)


Move with Me


Here is a clip of me moving to “Monday” by Einaudi.


Move with me.

I Invented Sweatpants


I’m not just someone with a good idea.  I’m an innovator.   I invented sweatpants.

I'm Marvella.   Back Pain Survivor.

I’m Marvella.
Back Pain Survivor.


Living in the dorms at Northern Michigan U in Marquette, Mich, on Lake Superior (are you thinking “cold”?) my sophmore year, I started wearing sweatshirts as pants.  You may be too young to know, or may not remember that sweatshirts were available a while before sweatpants.

I put my legs in the sleeves and belted the waist. Granted, it helped to have skinny legs, and there was a crew-necked crotch, but it worked. Yes, the manufactured variety was an improvement, but I had the idea first.

I have another new invention. My old sweatpants are now losing elasticity around the waist. I cut off a leg of a pair of old panty hose and tied it around my waist. Better than a belt—flexible, adjustable, versitile, soft support.  

You too can come up with some great ideas while moving with me to inspiring music.

Ode to the Feet

Toe moves

Toe Attention


I'm Marvella.   Back Pain Survivor.

I’m Marvella.
Back Pain Survivor.

I can exercise in business clothes, sweats, leotards, or under a blanket, but I really need to  be barefoot to be inspired.  Freeing and manipulating my toes, allowing foot expression, is all part of the process, encouraging more foot movement.

Personally, I think my feet are my best feature—they remain slender, even when I’m not. They have allowed me to count to twenty.

They move to music without my intent. They’ve got rhythm. They take me places. Before there were cars, bikes, planes, smart phones, there were feet. You could almost call them the foundation of our being.

Babies are fascinated by them.

Painted or plain, toes are the way to go. When I see them naked, I pay them attention and allow them free expression.

Reflexology shows the interconnection of the feet to all other parts of our body, including the brain. Massaging them gives instant relief. 

baby toes

Fingers and toes were meant to mingle, I think.

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I'm Marvella.   Back Pain Survivor.

I’m Marvella.
Back Pain Survivor.

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