I'm Marvella.   Back Pain Survivor.

I’m Marvella.
Back Pain Survivor.

I started this site with the intention of demonstrating how slow core movements to certain music can help heal an ailing back and build muscle to support the spine.

Many studies have shown that to sit is to waste away.  Also to sit is to gain weight, lose muscle, compromise posture, grow weaker, & age prematurely.

I’ve been diagnosed with  squeezed nerves (spinal stenosis) & various bulges, disk herniations, bone spurs, arthritis, tight muscles & tendons, sciatica. Also fibromyalgia & osteo-arthritis.  

I don’t want surgery.


Now I have decided that I likely have Lyme disease, or most certainly Fibromyalgia. Upon joining several forums and the subsequent research involved, I have also become committed to detoxing the nation/world :).  I believe that all of the various pollutants (air, water, pesticides, processed foods, GMO’s, vaccines) that we are now exposed to require some serious detoxification on a daily basis.  Our gut & brain & health are intimately connected.

 So this site has become a combination of back building, detoxing, and Lyme Disease awareness.  All related.

I believe what I do is universally helpful to health maintenance and mental well-being no matter the age or ailment.  Respect your body.  Be careful, but keep moving.  Practice reflexology on yourself.  Search out your stoppages & sore spots, touch them, massage them.  There is pain you don’t want to touch, but there is pain craving attention.

This website/blog & my videos will be my life’s contribution to anyone who finds this of value.


I have joined a number of online forums which I have found invaluable.  Wonderful, suffering people helping one another because our current medical establishment is not serving them.  They are listed in various posts, if you are interested.





This site is still a work in progress.









No Surgery Please.